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Paul MacMartin

Paul MacMartin Inc. is a Toronto-based multi-award-winning technical writer with a proven knack for making complex technologies feel refreshingly intuitive to use.

For 20+ years I have delivered contract technical writing services for fast-growing companies like yours and for familiar names like IBM, FUJIFILM and Cisco.

See examples of the 100+ flagship deliverables I have developed from scratch. Then call me when you need professional technical writing expertise for your:

  • User manuals
  • Online help
  • Service manuals
  • Commercial training courses
  • Internal training courses
  • Documentation style guide
  • Authoring tool migration
  • Authoring tool templates
  • Authoring tool template user guides
  • Video development studios
  • Technical writing departments
  • Technical writing courses
  • Technical writer mentoring

Let’s discuss the technical writing work you're looking to get done. Let's scope it, cost it and do it.

Call me today:

(416) 421-4710


“We’ve worked with a lot of consultants over our 15 years. You’re the first one who really knows what he’s doing.”


“You've done an absolutely amazing job, on the first draft! And your changes to the navigation are amazing. This is exactly what we need. Worth every penny.”


“We appreciate very much everything you do for us. It is great work year after year.”

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