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Projects: User guides (single-sourced to XML, PDF, HTML Help, HTML, Word, ...), operator manuals, system architectures, sysadmin guides. AuthorIT templates, FrameMaker templates.

Services: Migrating to single-source authoring, developing single-source object templates, designing, prototyping and testing, interviewing subject matter experts and users, authoring, desktop publishing.

Tools: FrameMaker, AuthorIT, Epic Editor XML, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Robohelp, MS Office, Acrobat, Photoshop, Visio.


IBM Tivoli fix pack readme
IBM software problem determination and troubleshooting guide 121-topic user guide for Tivoli Intelligent ThinkDynamic Orchestrator. Includes extensive logs analysis, troubleshooting, and documents more than 1000 error message dialog boxes so users don't just see an error message but discover precisely what the problem is and what they should do next. Sole-authored PDF for two product tiers, using Epic Editor single sourcing authoring tool.

307-topic PDF for digital signage network software technical writing example. Also single-sourced to HTML Help and Word.
Omnivex Display 3 Director User Guide 307-topic user guide for digital signage network software. As lead writer, structured all topics, authored topics, and single-sourced to PDF, HTML Help, and Word. As lead information developer, migrated Omnivex to AuthorIT single-sourcing platform, and trained writers to develop content in AuthorIT.

11"x17" pin-up safety poster for users of Vevo LAZR
Vevo® LAZR Laser Safety Guide 11"x17" safety poster to be mounted in easy view of users of Vevo® LAZR, the laser-based photoacoustic high-resolution imaging system. Poster displays simple and clear laser safety procedures and information. As sole technical writer, completed all photography and photo color corrections. Conceived, wrote and completed all graphic design in Adobe InDesign. Output final to PDF for 4-color printing.

Vital Alert - Canary 1000 Installation and User Guide
Vital Alert - Canary 1000 Installation and User Guide 104-page manual for the company's digital Through-The-Earth radio system that enables voice and data communications link through solid obstructions such as rock, soil and concrete. As sole technical writer for a remote-only client, developed all content and graphics, including cover design. Authored in Author-it and Visio and 3D CAD design software. Output final to PDF for 4-color printing.

technical writing example - user's guide - Scientific-Atlanta
Scientific-Atlanta Installation and Operator Guide 88-page manual for the launch of the PowerVu D9828 Multiple Decryption Receiver. As sole technical writer, authored the manual including all GUI illustrations for the on-screen display. Authored in Word, Corel.

technical writing example - Canadian Forces HR Best Practices Manual
Canadian Forces HR Best Practices Manual 121-page best practices manual for the Canadian Military’s Employment and Education Service Providers. As sole technical writer for a remote-only client, redeveloped all content, developed document template and designed cover.

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