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Projects: Product brochures, corporate brochures, annual reports, search engine optimization writing.

Services: Interviewing senior executives and customers, copywriting, coordinating with designers. Giving the story or your technology a pulse.

Tools: MS Office, Acrobat, FrameMaker, Dreamweaver, Robohelp, Photoshop, Visio, MS Project.


Leitch Technology 12-page corporate brochure technical writing examples
Leitch Technology - Neo brochure 12-page brochure. One of four brochures introducing integrated modular television broadcast platforms, and a broadcast network control system. Writing only.

Advantex 24-page technical writing annual report
Advantex annual report 24-page document for a loyalty marketing company serving institutions with large customer databases. As lead writer, worked closely with the Chairman and CEO, and members of the senior executive team. Writing only.

Seven case studies from notes and text content provided by IPEX.
IPEX case study series Developed seven case studies from notes and text content provided by IPEX. Each case in the series follows the Background / Problem / Solution structure. Writing only.

Exact IT Solutions brochure technical writing example
Exact IT Solutions brochure Four-page brochure for this provider of Toronto-based IT outsourcing services. Developed all writing and laid out the design elements.

Northern Telecom Review 16-page quarterly corporate newsletter technical writing example
Northern Telecom Review newsletter

1987. This 16-page quarterly newsletter is so old that my client's logo was still Northern Telecom, not Nortel. And the company was years from reaching its business peak before it sadly spiraled into bankruptcy.

Professionally, this newsletter is so old that I remember the graphic designer on the project grumblingly cutting, pasting and rolling Compugraphic cold type sheets when I made a type-o. As sole writer, interviewed Northern Telecom design engineers and product managers to write all articles for five of these newsletters detailing Northern Telecom technical innovations. website

Hand-coded, designed and wrote this website for my daughter's dog walking business, and designed the logo and headers. Her business has grown exponentially each year, primarily because she's so great with the dogs and their people.

Consistently ranks #1 or #2 on search engine results for the prime keywords people use to find her services. This drives demand, then Miranda converts. And she's one of the higher-priced dog walkers in the area.

If you are a dog companion who lives in the Whitby/Brooklin area, give Miranda a call. She is the best dog walker in Ontario. website

Hand-coded, designed and wrote my website. Not very fancy, I agree. I want this site to be simple to navigate, easy to read, and informative. It seems to do this. I also want it to impress and to encourage you to email me or call me to discuss what you need and how I can over-deliver what you need.

Job #1, though, is managing to get you here, and this site consistently ranks near the top of page #1 on local and international search engine results for the prime search words people use to find my services.

If you contact me, my site and its combination of search optimization and targeted content worked for you. If you don't contact me, it didn't do the job. So, right now, I've got you half way there. Please scroll to the footer, click the email link and let me know what you need. I'll get back to you right away.

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